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Dogs for the Environment: Become a steward today!

We’re aiming to increase and enhance off-leash experiences for all users by supporting a positive relationship between dogs, the environment, and others.

 Join the program and help:

  • Protect and preserve wildlife and the environment
  • Make positive changes in your parks
  • Foster community through teamwork
  • Meet new people and dogs
  • Nurture happy and healthy dogs

What's happening

Congratulations to our winner!

During the summer, we asked for your help to understand how stewardship may shape Vancouver’s current and future off-leash parks.

Thank you to all participants who took the time to complete the survey and provide valuable feedback throughout the summer.

Teresa was the lucky recipient of a brand new Solvit bike trailer for dogs! The bike trailer will allow Teresa and her canine companion to comfortably visit Vancouver’s off-leash areas.

New stewardship framework in 2019

The Park Board is utilizing your feedback to develop a park-wide approach to stewardship.

The new stewardship framework will provide resources and tools to support stewardship initiatives. Stay tuned as we roll out information and opportunities for stewardship involvement in 2019.

Get involved

Commit to small, everyday actions that benefit the environment, such as: 

  • Properly disposing your dog’s poop 
  • Keeping your dog leashed in ecologically sensitive areas
  • Licensing and vaccinating your dog
  • Ensuring your dog respects others to prevent harm or stress

Start a stewardship group

The People, Parks, and Dogs Strategy identified no formal dog off-leash stewardship groups in Vancouver. Here are some ideas on how you can start a group in your neighbourhood.

Spread the word and see if others are interested

  • Talk with neighbours to see if an informal group exists
  • Let others know you would like to start a group
  • Contact us to see if others have expressed interest in stewarding the same area

Come together to discuss topics

  • What would you like to accomplish?
  • How would you like to contribute?
  • What issues and concerns do you hope to address?

Involve others

  • Start an online group to communicate and share information
  • Collaborate with existing organizations
  • Continue to spread the word at off-leash areas 


Have ideas for a great stewardship project involving art, food, or the environment? We have funds!

Other resources

Dog off-leash areas

Find all of Vancouver’s dog parks and off-leash areas, whether in your neighbourhood or along the water.

Dog waste collection

Learn more about the pilot dog waste collection program and how it aligns with the Zero Waste goal.

Responsible dog ownership

Owning a dog is a happy experience, but it's a lot of responsibility too. Find out everything that you will have to do if you own a dog.

Request park improvements

Our Parks Development and Planning teams reviews requests on an ongoing basis to see how they align with capital funding and planning strategies.

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