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Dogs for the Environment: Become a steward today!

Join the movement! Come see us at one of our pop-up events to sign up and pick up your Dogs for the Environment bandana.

We’re aiming to increase and enhance off-leash experiences for all users by supporting a positive relationship between dogs, the environment, and others.

 Join the program and help:

  • Protect and preserve wildlife and the environment
  • Make positive changes in your parks
  • Foster community through teamwork
  • Meet new people and dogs
  • Nurture happy and healthy dogs

What's happening

Help us understand how stewardship may shape Vancouver’s current and future off-leash parks.

Complete the survey for your chance to win a dog trailer for your bike valued at $250!

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Get involved

Commit to small, everyday actions that benefit the environment, such as: 

  • Properly disposing your dog’s poop 
  • Keeping your dog leashed in ecologically sensitive areas
  • Licensing and vaccinating your dog
  • Ensuring your dog respects others to prevent harm or stress

Start a stewardship group

The People, Parks, and Dogs Strategy identified no formal dog off-leash stewardship groups in Vancouver. Here are some ideas on how you can start a group in your neighbourhood.

Spread the word and see if others are interested

  • Talk with neighbours to see if an informal group exists
  • Let others know you would like to start a group
  • Contact us to see if others have expressed interest in stewarding the same area

Come together to discuss topics

  • What would you like to accomplish?
  • How would you like to contribute?
  • What issues and concerns do you hope to address?

Involve others

  • Start an online group to communicate and share information
  • Collaborate with existing organizations
  • Continue to spread the word at off-leash areas 


Have ideas for a great stewardship project involving art, food, or the environment? We have funds!

  • The Neighbourhood Matching Fund offers financial support to community members who want to improve their street, local park, or other nearby public land.
  • Neighbourhood Small Grants external site icon are administered by the Vancouver Foundation and supports residents and communities through small grants of up to $500.
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Dog off-leash areas

Find all of Vancouver’s dog parks and off-leash areas , whether in your neighbourhood or along the water.

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