The Jubilee Fountain in Lost Lagoon

Jubilee Fountain restoration

The Park Board is committed to restoring the Jubilee Fountain at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park to its past glory.

The fountain has been operating for over 80 years. In that time, many of the electrical and mechanical systems have become run-down or inoperable. 

The restoration will take place in three phases.

Structural review

August 2016 – We hired an engineering consultant, Associated Engineering, to undertake an extensive review of the fountain to determine the structural integrity of the creosote-treated wooden support pilings beneath the fountain and the concrete fountain.

They determined the pilings are in good condition, but the concrete and waterproof membranes need significant repair and restoration.

Restoration design

April to December 2017 – We hired a consultant team led by PWL Partnership Landscape Architects to lead the design and restoration process for the fountain.

The team, composed of fountain designers, engineers, and heritage consultants, will develop a restoration plan that ensures the fountain is viable into the future.


Spring/summer 2018 – Teams will implement the restoration design including structural improvements, an improved electrical/mechanical system, and a new utility pump-house on the south shore of Lost Lagoon.


The Jubilee Fountain opened on Dominion Day (now known as Canada Day) in 1936. The project was led by Harold Williams of Hume & Rumble, a Vancouver-based engineering firm of the day.

Since then, the fountain has been a prominent landmark that announces the entrance to Stanley Park. The fountain was last renovated for Expo 86.

Contact the project team

Joe McLeod
Landscape Architect