A completed Vancouver park project

Recently completed parks

The Vancouver Park Board completes several park projects each year.

These new and renovated spaces should be celebrated as lasting assets to our communities for years to come. 

Aberthau Playground

The Aberthau Playground renewal was completed in March 2023.

Ash Park

The playground renewal at Ash Park was completed in July 2021.

Beaconsfield Park

The playground renewal at Beaconsfield Park was completed in spring 2021.

Brewers Park

We completed the renewal for Brewers Park in September 2021.

Charleson Park

Charleson Park Playground renovations were completed November 2020 to make it more engaging and accessible for children of all abilities.

Champlain Heights

Learn about how the Park Board is upgrading the playgrounds in Champlain Heights.

Connaught Park

The renewed spray park includes a variety of new spray types and interactive features set within a vibrant new paving design.

Montgomery Park

The Vancouver Park Board is upgrading the grass field at Montgomery Park.

New Brighton Park Shoreline

The restored salt marsh habitat at New Brighton Park provides habitat for young fish and many types of birds.

Promontory Park

This new 0.3-hectare park at Marine Way and Sawmill Crescent was opened in December 2023.

RayCam playground

The new playground will used by children attending the preschool and after school care programs serving children ages 3 to 12 years.


We have completed redevelopment of the parks, providing easier access to the habitat of Renfrew Ravine and Still Creek.

Riley Park south playground

In June 2024, we renovated the south playground at Riley Park. The renewal includes a new zipline, supernova spinner, play equipment, and more.


Construction is in progress at Sunset Park. The dog off-leash area and the park east of Prince Edward Street are closed.

Templeton Park Track Renewal

The Vancouver Park Board has renewed the running track at Templeton Park.

Winona Park

The Vancouver Park Board has completed upgrading the playground in Winona Park.

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