Jericho Lands Working Group

Jericho Lands Working Group

In the fall 2019, a 24-member working group was established as part of the Jericho Lands planning process. The working group members represent a range of local community and broader city-wide perspectives. The purpose of the working group is to provide input to City staff during the development and review of the Jericho Lands policy statement.

The working group is envisioned to serve as one of the engagement opportunities during the planning process and development of the Jericho Lands Policy Statement.

Roles of the group

The duties and responsibilities of the Jericho Lands Working Group include:

  • Apply existing City policies in formulating recommendations for the Jericho Lands Policy Statement
  • Advise on the public engagement process
  • Encourage the ongoing education and contribution of community interests and perspectives to the planning and design of land use, transportation, public realm, and community amenities
  • Reflect the City’s goals as a City of Reconciliation and support reconciliation as part of the Jericho Lands planning process
  • Provide feedback to City staff at key points in the planning process, including during the creation and evaluation of land use concepts and the draft Jericho Lands Policy Statement

Membership in the working group is on a voluntary basis. Working group member activities are assumed to include meetings, reading/learning/review of information and materials, and representation at planning process events.