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Prepare your appeal

Contact the Board of Variance


Room 112, 1st Floor, City Hall
453 West 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R3

Louis Ng
Board Secretary


Gather the required information

A notice of appeal must include the following information:

  • Property address
  • Legal description of property
  • Dimensions and area of the site
  • Zoning of the site
  • Outline of decision or aspect being appealed
  • Description of the grounds upon which the appeal is based, including any hardship, if any
  • Notation of the Section(s) of the Vancouver Charter and bylaw(s) under which the appeal is to be considered (where applicable).

Prepare the plans and calculations

You need two sets of plans to file an appeal. Each set must include:

  1. A site plan at a scale of at least 1/16" to 1' (1:200 in metric), including northpoint and scale, showing:
    • Dimensions and area of the site
    • Street names
    • Size, shape and siting (including setbacks) of all existing and proposed buildings or additions, fully dimensioned
    • All off-street parking and loading spaces, manoeuvring aisles and access driveways from streets and lanes, fully dimensioned
  2. Floor plans at a scale of at least 1/8" to 1' (1:100 in metric), including northpoint and scale, showing:
    • Dimensions of all rooms, windows and doors, halls and stairs, and all outside dimensions, including balconies and decks
    • Uses of all rooms and other floor areas (finished and unfinished)
  3. Elevations at the same scale as the floor plans, including front, both sides and rear views, showing all additions and exterior alterations
  4. Calculations of:
    • Floor space ratio
    • Site coverage
    • Deck areas (for residential developments)
    • Numbers of off-street parking and loading spaces

To appeal a refusal of your development permit application, you need to provide one set of the refused plans.

Attend your appeal hearing