Broken pavers in Gastown featuring a cyclist biking by

Gastown repairs and traffic changes

We are investing in Gastown to make sure that it continues to be a vibrant place for you to live, work, and play here, now, and into the future. 

This work includes: 

  • Replacing red-brick pavers in key sidewalk locations 
  • Repairing the roadway in Maple Tree Square 
  • Upgrading the furniture in Maple Tree Square  
  • Installing new public waste bins  
  • Renewing Trounce Alley to integrate with the new design for Blood Alley Square 

What's happeningMaple Tree Square repairs from March to June 2024

Asphalt patches, loose bricks, and broken pavers make it difficult to navigate Gastown’s Maple Tree Square. 

In March 2024, we will begin replacing damaged brick pavers and asphalt patches in the vehicle lanes with new materials. 

These interim repairs will improve experience travelling around Maple Tree Square while we work towards a long-term goal for the area as part of the Gastown Public Spaces Plan.



  • Maple Tree Square


Early March to June 2024

Work hours

Monday to Saturday: 7am to 8pm, with the possibility of work on Sundays as required

How this project may affect you 

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