Wrench twisting a pipe and flames

Get a plumbing or gas permit

You will need a:

  • Plumbing permit to install, change, or upgrade any part of a plumbing system
  • Gas permit to install or replace a natural gas appliance, piping, or venting

You will not need a plumbing permit to:

  • Repair or replace valves or faucets
  • Repair or replace fixtures (as long as they remain in the same location)
  • Clear stoppages in pipes or drains
  • Repair leaks

Not sure if you need a permit?

Please contact the Development and Building Services Centre.

New electronic applications

Our new electronic applications allows you to submit permit applications electronically and perform other functions digitally. Currently, some permits can be submitted online and may include the payment of fees. We’re working on adding more permits online over time. Refer to your specific permit's steps for more information.

Learn more about submitting your permit application electronically

Steps to getting a gas or plumbing permit

Review the latest permit processing times

Permit processing times as of April 1, 2024

Permit processing times will depend on the completeness of your application, how long it takes you to respond to our questions, and volume of instream applications to be processed.

Type of permit


We aim to issue 95% of permit applications in:


In the last 3 months, we achieved our target for these percentage of applications:

Simple gas permits 5 business days 95%
Other gas permits requiring plan review 25 business days -
Simple plumbing permits 5 business days 95%
Other plumbing permits requiring plan review 25 business days 84%

Buying a new furnace?

Hire a professional to ensure a safe, permitted, and quality installation. Watch this Fortis BC External website video for tips on hiring a contractor.

Resources and quick links

Online permit and licences portal
Register for an account, submit applications, view the status of applications, and book an inspection.

Steps to getting an inspection
Review the steps required to getting a plumbing or gas inspection.

Bulletins and advisories
Read our bulletins and advisories that interpret building and electrical bylaws and explain building technical and administrative regulations and processes.

Download a sewer connection placard (128 KB)
All sewer and storm inspections will require a connection placard to be clearly visible and attached to the stakes that identify the capped end of each connection.

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre

Contact us online

The Development and Building Centre is open for in-person scheduled appointments or payments. 

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