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Musqueam Park

Musqueam Park destination walk

Route statistics

Distance 5 km
Steps 6,561
Elevation change 20 m

The Musqueam Park Walk is an out and back loop, totaling 5km or approximately 6561 steps. This route is on the traditional, unceded territory of the Musqueam nation. You will walk through many culturally significant areas including an ancient village and burial site of the Musqueam people, dating back at least 4,000 years. The area has undergone great change, and also includes contemporary Musqueam art pieces reflecting the importance of this area. Take a walk along this beautiful route and feel the history beneath your feet.

Note “Unceded” means that First Nations people did not give up land or legally sign it away to Britain or Canada. Vancouver and 95 percent of BC are on unceded First Nations land. In many parts of Canada, treaties were signed with First Nations that gave incoming settlers rights to much of the land, but in BC very few treaties were signed.

Route description

The Musqueam Park walking route travels through the traditional, unceded territory of the Musqueam Nation. It was developed into a rural region within the area now known as Vancouver, and is quite unique and isolated from the rest of the city. This walk offers an opportunity to learn more about the Musqueam, including contemporary Musqueam art pieces, history of the land, and current significant cultural sites. It also offers an opportunity to reflect on how non-Indigenous development sits alongside a community of Musqueam peoples.

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This walk is made up of dirt, gravel and concrete paths as well as roadways. These paths are used by equestrians, and can often quite muddy in areas. Come prepared with appropriate footwear, especially after or during rainy weather. On many days the Bridal Path is not suitable for wheelchairs.

  • To access the trailhead, travel south on Blenheim Street and continue past W 55th Avenue
  • Turn right at Celtic Avenue, and then turn left at Carrington Street. Parking is available on Carrington Street just before crossing the bridge to Deering Island
  • Follow the Bridal Path along the Fraser River 
  • Continue along the Bridal Path as it turns right and heads north between Musqueam and Point Grey Golfcourses
  • Stay on the path, which is essential Wallace Street, and cross 51 st Avenue
  • Continue along the path and veer left
  • Continue west until the path intersects with Crown Street. Cross the bridge, and continue along the Bridal Path
  • The path turns north running parallel to Salish Drive, and continues along the border of Musqueam Park
  • Continue north to the open green space at South West Marine Drive
  • Turn east and cut through the open area of the park to meet up with Crown Street
  • Continue along the border of Musqueam Park by crossing Crown Street and walking east
  • Walk through the alleyway, which is essentially 46 th Avenue. Travel east until reaching the roundabout at the foot of Highbury Street
  • Turn right and cut through the field toward the forest
  • Continue south to rejoin the familiar Wallace Street path. Cross 51 st Avenue
  • Follow the Bridal Path back to the trail head at the Fraser River

Points of interest

Musqueam land

Deering Island Park

Musqueam-Cutthroat Creek

Musqueam Park

Off the path