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Boats on False Creek

Yaletown art walking tour

Route Statistics

Distance 3.03 km
Steps 3976
Elevation Change 16 m

This 3 kilometer walk takes you through many of the recent developments, parks and community amenities that make up Yaletown. While you travel along streets and walking paths, take in the public art, culture and the surprisingly peaceful atmosphere just steps from the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Route description

This walk begins at the historic and cultural centre of the Yaletown area, the Roundhouse Community Centre. From this central location you'll travel along streets, take in several large downtown parks and enjoy the atmosphere surrounding Vancouver's famous seawall. Perodically stop and enjoy the scenic views and lust green spaces as you take in some of the great art installations along this route.


This route is made up of city sidewalks, paved walking and cycling paths with only a small incline.

Route details

  • Leaving Roundhouse Community Centre by North Door you turn right along the lower pathway where you'll find "watch yOUR step."
  • Cross Pacfic St at Davie and continue along Pacfic Blvd until you get to Cambie St. On the North east corner you'll find "Perennials."
  • Crossing Pacific Blvd at Cambie street continue east long Pacific Blvd. Halfway between Boathouse mews and Coopers Mews in the middle of Pacific Blvd stands "Ring Gear."
  • Continue east along Pacific Blvd and then turn right on Cooper’s Mews. As you near Marinaside Crescent you'll come up "Coopers Mews."
  • Walk east along Marinaside Cresent to the crosswalk, cross Marinaside Crescent and turn west along the seawall. One block west you'll come to Boathouse Mews, "Untitled Fountain" is located just north of Marinaside Cresent on Boathouse Mews.
  • Retrace your steps, cross Marinaside Crescent and continue west along the seawall. As you approach Davie St you'll come across "Lookout" on the east side of the roundabout and "Street Light" on the west.
  • Stay on the seawall heading to southern-most tip of walkway. As you approach a right hand turn in the path you'll find "Welcome to Land and Light,"
  • Continue around point, keeping an eye to the waters edge. "Brush with Illumination" can be seen just off the coast line and in the distance to the north you will see David Lam Park and "Marking of High Tide and Waiting for Low Tide."
  • Continuing along the seawall on the southern edge of David Lam Park you'll see "Red Horizontal." Your next stop with be George Wainborn Park, where "Khenko" sits as a celebration of the heron's return to False Creek.
  • Walk around the outside of George Wainborn Park and turn right on Beach Crescent and then turn left at Richards St and walk back out to Pacific Blvd. Cross to the north side of Pacfici Blvd and head east.
  • Between Homer St and Drake St you'll find "Footprints" and "Passwords."
  • At Drake and Pacific Blvd, cross Pacific Blvd and walk south along Drake St. On the east side of Drake St you'll find a small green space behind the Roundhouse Community Centre. Turn east and walk through the green space entering the south plaza of Roundhouse where you'll find "Terra Nova"
  • Return to the Roundhouse. FINISH at Roundhouse south entrance.

Points of interest

watch yOUR step

Perennials and Ring Gear

Coopers Mews and Untitled Fountain

Lookout and Street Light

Welcome to the Land and Light

Brush with Illumination

Marking High Tide and Waiting for Low Tide

Red Horizontal


Footprints and Passwords

Terra Nova