A photo collage of four types of townhouses

Zoning changes for townhouse and rowhouse areas

On May 9, 2023, Council approved zoning changes to convert existing RS-1 or RT-1 zones in specified areas of the Cambie Corridor to an RM-8A or RM-8AN zone. This simplifies the development process of constructing a townhouse or rowhouse without a rezoning. Review the May 9, 2023, meeting agenda and minutes.

View a map of the areas with zoning changes 

Parcels with zoning changes are marked in blue.


  • This initiative is part of the Cambie Corridor Plan implementation work where a portion of the Cambie Corridor (81 MB) underwent the same zoning changes when the plan was approved in 2018.
  • The (RM-8A/AN) (984 KB) zone allows for:
    • Townhouses or rowhouses up to 3 storeys tall
    • An increase in buildable square feet from 0.70 floor space ratio (FSR) to 1.20 FSR
  • The current rules and regulations, applicable to the house on-site, are not impacted by this zoning change. The option to rebuild a detached house on the property remains.
  • The property will be subject to a density bonus charge if the owner decides to develop a townhouse or rowhouse.

This initiative streamlines opportunities to create ground-oriented housing suitable for families and would add more diverse housing options and increase homeownership options.

Cambie Corridor Planning Program

The Cambie Corridor Planning Program guides long-term growth in areas along Cambie Street and its surrounding neighbourhoods.