King Edward Avenue

King Edward Complete Street improvements

In spring 2020, complete street improvements will begin along King Edward Ave between Heather and Ontario streets. 

As part of the Cambie Corridor Plan, a framework to guide change and growth over the next 30 years in the area, we'll be integrating complete streets on a selection of arterial roadways along and adjacent to the corridor. 

When fully complete, changes will include:

  • New cycling connections, wider sidewalks, and safer intersections for all users
  • Protected cycling infrastructure on the north and south side of the streets, including new protected intersections at Cambie and Yukon streets
  • New traffic signals at Columbia and Yukon streets, coordinated with adjacent signals to ensure minimal disruption to travel times
  • Widened sidewalks and pedestrian crossings
  • Upgraded transit bus stops
  • Planting of trees for improved streetscape

This project is being built in conjunction with new developments along the corridor and is a key component of the Cambie Corridor’s Public Realm Plan (37 MB).

What's happening

Phase 1 - Yukon St bikeway

Spring 2020 - The first portion of the project will upgrade the Yukon St bikeway, which currently crosses King Edward Ave through an offset intersection.

To create a safer crossing for people cycling between the north and south legs of the Yukon St Bikeway, we’re working with nearby developers to build a bi-directional protected bike lane on the south side of King Edward Ave. 

Changes include:

  • Protected bike lane and widened sidewalk between laneway west of Yukon St to the east side of Yukon St
  • Bike and pedestrian access through the boulevard
  • New turn restrictions for the north side of Yukon St. Right turn-only north onto Yukon St or west onto King Edward Ave.
  • Vehicle traffic changes will change the south side of Yukon St to one-way northbound between the lane and King Edward Ave
  • Uni-directional protected bike lane and widened sidewalks between Yukon St and Columbia St

View the final design (3.2 MB)

Read the notification letter  (597 KB)




The construction of new cycling infrastructure will be done in a phased approach and with development projects along King Edward Ave between Heather and Ontario streets.

In spring 2019, there will be some changes around the intersection of Yukon St and King Edward Ave.

In winter 2020, the south side uni-directional protected bike lane will be extended from Yukon St to Columbia St.

  • Yukon St and King Edward Ave:
    spring 2020 to winter 2020
  • Yukon St to Columbia St:
    winter 2020

Future phases

Timelines for implementing future phases will be determined with new development.

Project goals

Upgrading the corridor addresses our Cambie Corridor Plan and Climate Emergency goals to:

  • Make at least two-thirds of all trips by foot, bike, or public transit by 2030
  • Make walking and cycling safe, convenient, and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities
  • Enhance the unique feel of each neighbourhood along the corridor, including the use of Complete Streets along and adjacent to the Corridor
  • Manage the road network efficiently for all road users

What is a Complete Street?

A street designed for everyone. This means a thoughtful design that:

  • Ensures people of all ages and abilities can access homes and businesses
  • Improves safety and comfort, especially for those walking, cycling, or taking transit 
  • Supports the movement of goods, services, and emergency vehicles
  • Aims to enhance public life and make streets inviting places
  • Considers green space, such as street trees and community gardens
  • Explores opportunities for flexible design so streets can be adapted for special events, celebrations, and emerging technologies
  • Explores opportunities to integrate sustainable design, such as rainwater management
  • Fits with the neighbourhood context – no one-size-fits-all approach