New Brighton Park Shoreline Habitat Restoration Project: in-depth

The proposed project will provide new opportunities for park users to experience nature within New Brighton Park. This will include a trail on the western edge of the marsh, two viewing decks, and improved access to the east beach.
The project will also move the dog off-leash area to the western portion of the park to continue to provide water and grass access for dogs, and to address conflicts between off-leash dogs and other park activities.

Approved concept design

Habitat Components

  • An intertidal salt marsh consisting of vegetated marsh area, mud flats, and tidal channels
  • Salt marshes are critical habitat for fish which feed along the shoreline of Burrard Inlet
  • A stream connection from Creekway Park will be part of the long-term restoration of Hastings Creek
  • Forest and shrub communities with native species will be planted on the east side of the salt marsh
  • Beach grass meadows and some shrub thickets will be planted on the west side of the salt marsh

Park components

  • Two accessible viewing decks will be created on the western side of the salt marsh
  • Interpretive signs will be installed at the viewing platforms to highlighting the ecological, and cultural landscape, as well as historical and contemporary First Nations connections to Burrard Inlet
  • Access to the east beach (east of shoreline pier) will be improved by adding or upgrading stairs and providing benches and picnic tables upslope of the beach
  • Signs, fences, and vegetation such as shrubs thickets will be used to restrict access to sensitive habitats
  • The dog off-leash area will be moved to the western side of the park to provide beach and grass access within a fenced area, and will reduce conflicts between off-leash dogs and other park activities
  • The existing tennis courts will be removed. Upgraded tennis courts are available at Burrard View Park

Compare New Brighton Park now with the accepted design

The illustration shows the area as it is and how it will look based on the accepted detailed design.

new-brighton-shoreline-restoration-before new-brighton-shoreline-restoration-after



A project agreement between the Park Board and the port authority is anticipated to be developed in spring 2016. This will coincide with detailed design development, including a final round of public consultation planned for May 2016 and review by operations staff.

The port authority will lead the project's procurement process, tentatively planed for summer 2016. It is currently anticipated that construction could start in September 2016 following the end of the busy summer season, including pool use. Planting and project completion would occur in spring 2017.

Related initiatives

Park Board

This project supports the Park Board's Strategic Plan, Rewilding Action Plan, and the upcoming Biodiversity Strategy. It also implements the vision of the 2010 Hastings Park and PNE Master Plan and the 1997 New Brighton Park Master Plan.

Port Metro Vancouver

Port Metro Vancouver manages a Habitat Enhancement Program that focuses on creating and enhancing habitat to benefit fish and wildlife throughout the region. The program is a proactive measure intended to provide a balance between a healthy environment and any future development that may be required by Port Metro Vancouver, its tenants or terminals.