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Request a refund for your parking permit

If you no longer need onstreet parking in your neighbourhood - and you have more than one month remaining on your parking permit - you can get a partial refund.

Your fee is prorated daily, and the outstanding amount is refunded, minus an administration fee equal to one month of permit costs.

 The administrative fee for all West End permits purchased after September 1, 2017, is calculated using the non-market rate.

Example calculation

Say you buy a one-year permit in 2018 for $39.72, then decide to request a refund 90 days before it expires. Here is how we calculate your refund.

Cost of your permit per year $39.72
Cost of your permit per day ($39.72 ÷ 365 days)  $0.11
Amount of your refund (90 days × $0.11 cents per day) $9.90
Minus: 30-day administrative fee (30 days × $0.11 cents per day) $3.30
Total refund $6.60

Note that parking fees vary by zone, so your exact calculation will vary, depending on the annual cost of your permit.

How to request your refund

To get your refund, bring your parking permit decal in person to the parking office.