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Working together for a vibrant Chinatown

Chinatown has served as a symbol of how Chinese-Canadians overcame hardships and discrimination, and in the process, helped make Canada a more just society. Today, it's an important part of Vancouver’s cultural identity.



Expression of interest for Legacy Stewardship Group

Our Chinatown Transformation Team is working with the community to achieve the vision of a vibrant Chinatown. 

We're seeking interested individuals and organizations to join a new Legacy Stewardship Group (LSG). The LSG will help guide the Chinatown Transformation Work. 

Read the LSG terms of reference  (816 KB)

Complete a form online 

Submit a copy in person

Print or pick-up a form and drop off the completed copy to the front desk at Chinatown House at 188 E Pender St between 10am to 6pm.

 Expressions of interest are open until March 10, 2019. For more information, contact us at





「職權範圍」 (816 KB)


填寫紙本表格並送交至片打東街188號華合院 (辦公時間﹕上午10時至下午6時) 。


Chinatown Transformation Team

The Chinatown Transformation Team (CTT) is a dedicated staff team formed in September 2018 to work with the community and key partners on Chinatown-related work.

The CTT, community, and partners will co-create a plan and implement actions that focus on living heritage and culture for a vibrant Chinatown. Key areas of interest include:

  • Tangible living heritage and culture
  • Intangible living heritage and culture
  • Business and economic development
  • Intergenerational relationships and community capacity building
  • Relationships with communities around Chinatown 

This plan will propose priority projects, actions, partners, and resources to create a new Cultural Heritage Assets Management Plan for Chinatown.

The plan is a key component of the overall process towards a possible UNESCO World Heritage Site application for Chinatown, as adopted by Council on November 1, 2017.




  • 物質生活遺產及文化
  • 非物質生活遺產及文化
  • 商業及經濟發展
  • 跨世代關係及增強社區組織及發展能力
  • 與唐人街周邊的社區建立關係


What is living heritage?

Living heritage includes traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors and passed to our descendants. It can include language, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, and specific knowledge, practices, and skills. 



Recent updates

November 15, 2018 - The Chinatown Transformation Team hosted a Community Ideas Workshop that 60 community members attended.

The workshop focused on how the community would like to work together moving forward, with ideas around:

  • What are elements of a successful process?
  • What format would be effective?
  • Who should be involved?
  • What resources are needed?

Initial take-aways from the workshop are below. A more detailed summary of the workshop discussion and further opportunities to engage on the process will be available in 2019.

October 27, 2018 - The Chinatown Transformation Team held a meet-and-greet with the community at our new site office at Chinatown House, 188 East Pender Street.

We heard from over 170 people about their thoughts on the future of Chinatown and how they want to be involved.



  • 個成功的程序應該包含那些元素﹖
  • 甚麼形式最有效﹖
  • 那些人應該參與其中﹖
  • 需要甚麼資源﹖



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Historical discrimination

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Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee

Works to preserve and protect the heritage and character of the Chinatown area of Vancouver.

Chinatown BIA

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Get involved

Send us your ideas on how to support and grow Chinatown's living culture and heritage by emailing

In Person

Drop by Chinatown House (188 East Pender Street) during office hours to chat with the Chinatown Transformation Team.

Office hours in December are by appointment. Email to set up an appointment.


Chinatown Transformation Team 
Suite 100, 525 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K9




地址﹕片打東街188號華合院(Chinatown House)
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