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Chinatown legacy business study 華埠傳統及特色商店研究

We are studying the importance of legacy businesses to people in Vancouver. Legacy businesses are stores that a community cherishes because of their:

  • Connection to history
  • Contribution to neighbourhood character
  • Integral role in the community's way of life

These are a key part of our city's economy, and our daily lives. These shops and services can greatly affect how we experience our neighbourhoods.

We will use your feedback to consider what types of strategies might best support these businesses so they can continue to be a vital part of all neighbourhoods. The findings of our study will be relevant to neighbourhoods across Vancouver.

We are in the beginning stages of exploring what the strategy might entail. This study has an initial focus on Vancouver's historic Chinatown.

View material from the legacy business community forum:

溫哥華市府正在研究商店對溫哥華市民的重要性。我們身邊的社區街道上都存在有價值和值得珍惜的店鋪的例子 ── 即是所謂的“傳統及特色商店”。





A vibrant and prosperous Vancouver Chinatown

Throughout its history, Chinatown has been the centre of Chinese-Canadians' stories of overcoming discrimination and in the process making Canada a more just society.

City Council has directed staff to create a long-term plan to conserve Chinatown's living culture and heritage in preparation for its UNESCO World Heritage Site application.

We now have an opportunity to bring together everyone, including other levels of governments, to work on this ground-breaking initiative and build a prosperous Chinatown that will last for generations to come.

Learn more about historical discrimination against Chinese people in Vancouver.

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Participants share their thoughts on legacy businesses

View the full size image of the group discussion PDF file (680 KB)

Contact a planner

Helen Ma
Planner, Downtown Eastside Planning Group


馬凱盈 (Helen Ma - 英、粵語)
「市中心東區組」(Downtown Eastside Group)  規劃師

Legacy business survey