Northeast False Creek from the air

The future of Northeast False Creek

The Northeast False Creek Plan (NEFC Plan) sets the long-term vision for the last remaining piece of large undeveloped land in the downtown along False Creek.

The final plan for Northeast False Creek proposes:

  • A new vibrant waterfront destination with amenities including childcare, social housing, artist space, plazas, an ice rink, and a cultural centre
  • Opportunities for community and social development, including 1,800 units of social housing
  • 32 acres of new and renewed parks and open space
  • Replacement of the viaducts with an at-grade street network that will connect Northeast False Creek to the downtown core

Read the plan (23 MB)

What's happening?

Development permit board approved

Sub-area 6B: Plaza of Nations (750 Pacific Boulevard)

The Development Permit Board approved the preliminary development application submit by James KM Cheng Architects on behalf of Canadian Metropolitan Properties to develop NEFC Sub-area 6B (750 Pacific Boulevard) on August 4.


Highlights and opportunities of the plan

Community and homes

1800 new affordable housing units to aid the housing crisis. Diverse housing options to shape a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive neighbourhood.


A major waterfront park and open spaces to enjoy daily life, welcome big gatherings and events, and reflect our city’s rich heritage.

Streets and connectivity

A new ground-level street network designed for all ages, abilities, and modes of travel will replace the aging viaducts. View a video.

Healthy community

Strategies to monitor and address community and social impacts on surrounding neighbourhoods, including the DTES and Chinatown.

Reconciliation and cultural redress

A neighbourhood that accommodates and recognizes the living culture of local First Nations, Urban Indigenous, Chinese, and Black communities.

Places for public life

A welcoming, vibrant, convivial mix of land uses, new and renewed parks and open spaces for people of all ages and abilities.

Urban design

A focus on key relationships between city and water, public places and views, supporting uses, and built form in 4 development areas.

Sustainability and resiliency

Protection against future sea level rise, sustainable building design, and significant areas of high-quality shoreline.

Play and work

A hub of entertainment, activity, and job space that supports fun, local businesses, regional economic performance, and major events.

Arts and culture

A major arts and culture destination that hosts events and programs for Vancouverites and responds to the needs of cultural communities.

Public benefits strategy

Public amenities to meet the area's growing, changing needs: childcare, community centres, cultural spaces, affordable housing, and more.

Rezoning and development

Read and comment on the development proposals, which carry out the area plan through site-specific rezonings.


Navigate a timeline of Northeast False Creek and its history of cultural gatherings, major events, industry, and city development.

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