The Granville Bridge viewed from the seawall. Image courtesy of West End on Flickr.

Granville Bridge structural and seismic upgrades

We’re coordinating critical structural and seismic upgrades as part of the broader improvements to and around Granville Bridge. 

These upgrades include:

  • Repairing the concrete and steel
  • Replacing the expansion joints and bearings

TransLink Major Road Network and Bridges

These upgrades are partly funded by TransLink through its Major Road Network  Funding Program. In partnership with municipalities, TransLink helps plan and fund the region's major road network, which includes more than 600 kilometres of major arterial roads which carry commuter, transit, and truck traffic.

TransLink also funds:

  • Rehabilitation and seismic upgrades for major road network bridges, culverts, and retaining-wall structures
  • Infrastructure upgrades to provide safe and efficient facilities for moving people and goods across the region

What's happening

Construction for the structural upgrades is now underway and is focused underneath the north end of the bridge.

We'll be reaching out to the public in 2019 with a proposed design for the walking and cycling improvements. 

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Community liaison

Aadil Patel

Did you know?

Previous repairs to the bridge include:

  • 1997: seismic retrofit of the north and south piers
  • 2009-2010: installation of over 3,000 steel stirrups to the concrete ramps
  • 2012: repairs to pier M7 at the north end
  • 2013: replacement of the steel truss span bearings
  • 2016: repairs to the gantry system

Project details


Granville Bridge, Drake St to Granville Loop Park


Fall 2018 - 2021

Work hours

Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm, extended hours as needed

Weekends: as needed

How this project may affect you

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