Tree-lined West 54th Avenue in a residential neighbourhood

West 54th Avenue upgrades

We’re upgrading critical sewer infrastructure and adding green rainwater infrastructure along West 54th Avenue from Cambie Street to Neal Street. These vital improvements will serve this growing neighbourhood for years to come.

Work includes replacing the existing sewer with a separated and larger-capacity system, with one pipe for rainwater runoff and another pipe for sewage.

Four green rainwater curb bulges will also be installed to help clean and store rainwater, while increasing pedestrian safety. Curb bulges reduce the crossing distance between curbs and encourage vehicles to slow down as they travel through an intersection.

What's happeningConstruction underway until spring 2024

Combined sewer overflows (CSOs) explained

Some parts of Vancouver use a combined pipe system that carries sewage and excess rainfall in the same pipe.

During heavy rains, these pipes can become overwhelmed resulting in combined volumes of rainwater and sewage spilling into receiving waters like the Fraser River. These overflows reduce water quality and contribute to swim advisories on beaches. This project will help reduce CSOs.



Work will be underway on West 54th Avenue from Cambie Street to Neal Street. 


Spring 2023 to spring 2024

Work hours

Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm, extended hours as needed

Weekends: as needed

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