Richards green complete street improvements

As part of our commitment to green initiatives and with a goal to have two-thirds of all trips in Vancouver made by walking, cycling, and transit by 2030, we've upgraded major infrastructure on Richards St.

We've upgraded critical street infrastructure and extended the protected bike lane to provide better cycling access and a safer and more comfortable cycling route for people of all ages and abilities. This includes:

  • Installation of storm water tree trenches to make better use of storm water run off
  • Planting over 100 trees and planter boxes to manage water at the street level
  • Introduction of silva-soil cells to minimize root damage to new and existing street infrastructure
  • Construction of a protected bi-directional bike lane between Pacific St and Cordova St
  • New traffic signals 
  • Improved intersection lighting 
  • Installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charging station
  • Installation of two additional public bike share (PBS) stations, and relocation of the existing four
  • Addition of new bike racks
  • Sidewalk repair to improve safety and accessibility for all users

Bikeway timeline

  • 2006

    Richards Street painted bikeway completed

  • 2012

    Transportation 2040 plan adopted by Council

    Richards Street identified to be upgraded to an all-ages and abilities (AAA) bikeway

  • 2013

    Interim parking-protected bike lane completed

  • 2016

    Stakeholder meetings on Downtown Bike Network Expansion and Public Bike Share

    Extending Richards St bike lane north to Cordova Street considered

  • 2018/2019

    Public consultation

    Design refinements on bike lane based on public and stakeholder feedback

  • 2019

    Final report

    Staff report final details to stakeholders

  • January 2020

    Construction begins

  • Fall 2021

    Work completed

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