Intersection of Knight Street and SE Marine Drive

Knight Street Corridor Upgrades

We are upgrading two sections of Knight Street:

  1. The intersection at SE Marine Drive to improve safety and connections for all road users (the intersection is the highest collision location in Vancouver)
  2. The street curve between East 12th to 15th avenues with safety enhancements, and water and sewer utilities, roads, and sidewalks between East 13th to 37th avenues that are aging

We will combine routine maintenance to minimize the overall impact to communities, and make every effort to reduce traffic impacts and minimize the construction period.

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Knight Street and SE Marine Drive intersection upgrade

We have improved the interchange at Knight Street and SE Marine Drive to increase safety for all users at this very busy intersection and off-ramp.

Knight Street Corridor Water and Sewer upgrades

We have replaced the water main, installed a separated sewer main, and repaved the road surface on Knight Street between 13th and 37th avenues.

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Safety improvements at Knight and SE Marine near complete

The northbound off-ramp at Knight Street and SE Marine Drive has fully reopened to all traffic. Work to improve the very busy intersection and off-ramp is now near complete.

Safety improvements to begin at Knight and SE Marine interchange

Construction at the Knight Street and SE Marine interchange will begin Sunday, July 30.

Knight Street infrastructure upgrades complete

Work to update aging water mains, separate the sewer system, and enhance safety along the S-Curve on Knight Street from 12th to 37th Avenue is now complete.