W 12th Ave sidewalk repairs

We’re repairing the sidewalks along W 12th Ave between Granville St and Hemlock St to improve accessibility for people of all ages and abilities. The sidewalks in this location provide access to a seniors centre and assisted living facility, and connection to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Work includes replacing sections of the sidewalk that are cracked or uneven. The condition of the sidewalk can be challenging to navigate for people with mobility aids.

To make repairs and prevent further damage to the sidewalk, we may need to remove up to 24 existing trees. We're working closely with arborists to evaluate the health of these trees, and identify appropriate replacement trees where needed. We're committed to replacing trees on a one-to-one basis.




Fall to winter 2020

Work hours

Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm, extended hours as needed

Weekends: as needed

How this project may affect you

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Devon Brownlee
Project Manager