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FortisBC Gas Line Upgrades

In October 2015, the BC Utilities Commission granted FortisBC approval to replace their natural gas line in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. The existing line is nearing the end of its useful life.

Upgrades will improve the safety and reliability of the system. Construction of the Vancouver portion will primarily take place along E 1st Ave from Boundary Rd to Woodland Dr.  

What’s happening

FortisBC has completed the Vancouver portion of their work with the installation of 4 km of new gas line. Minor work continues to upgrade Woodland Station at the corner of Woodland Drive and E 2nd Ave. 


Project details


  • E 1st Ave from Boundary Rd to Woodland Dr
  • Sections of Graveley St and Woodland Dr
  • Woodland Station at the SW corner of Woodland Dr and 2nd Ave

Expected duration

  • Start: April 2018
  • End: E 1st Avenue - Fall 2018; Woodland Station - Spring 2019

Traffic impacts

  • Woodland Dr, E 1st to E 2nd Ave: full closure

Traffic management: Roles and responsibilities

FortisBC’s role 

FortisBC is responsible for developing and implementing traffic management plans.

These traffic plans are based on international standards as part of their project management process. 


The City’s role 

We're working collaboratively with FortisBC to mitigate traffic and community impacts during construction.

We’re working to ensure that the traffic management approach supports movement while minimizing impacts on residents. 


Traffic measures

Some proactive measures are currently in place. Others will be determined by actively monitoring traffic patterns during FortisBC’s work.

Current traffic measures

  • Trenchless construction at major intersections to reduce impacts on north-south arterials
  • Updated rush hour and bus lane regulations along Broadway and Hastings St
  • Limiting the use of the Adanac Overpass with temporary measures to help reduce non-local traffic 
  • Dedicated VPD personnel to enforce detour signage and deter short-cutting
  • Installation of new left-turn lanes on Renfrew St and E Hastings St

Potential traffic measures

  • VPD enforcement
  • Temporary traffic calming
  • Turning restrictions
  • Signage along intersecting arterials to help curb short-cutting

​Any permanent traffic changes will be done in consultation with the community, and not until after the FortisBC upgrades are complete.

Extended rush hour regulations

In 2017, Vancouver adopted a comprehensive congestion management strategy. As part of this strategy, and to minimize anticipated impacts of the 1st Ave closure, we are updating the rush hour and bus lane regulations along Broadway and Hastings St by:

  • Extending morning rush regulations by 30 minutes (7am - 10am)
  • Extending afternoon rush regulations by 1 hour (3pm - 7pm)


  • Hastings St: effective mid-June 2018
  • Broadway St: effective early-July 2018

We expect to update rush regulations along Georgia St downtown later this year. Additional arterial routes will be reviewed as part of the strategy.

Adanac Overpass

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