view of Nanaimo Street

Nanaimo Street Upgrades

We’re upgrading critical sewer infrastructure along sections of Nanaimo Street between McGill Street and 4th Avenue.

Work includes replacing the sewer with a separated and larger-capacity system, with one pipe for rainwater runoff and another pipe for sanitary sewer. The new sewer will have a life expectancy of 100 years to help serve this growing neighbourhood.

In coordination with these sewer upgrades, there's also an opportunity to improve Nanaimo Street to make it safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Sewer separation

We are working towards the Province of BC's environmental goal to eliminate sewage overflows by 2050. 

What's happening

Sewer separation underway

Construction for the sewer separation is currently underway between Eton and Cambridge St. Work will generally take place along three-block segments and progress south.

One lane each direction is currently retained along Nanaimo St from McGill St to Dundas St.

Potential street improvements

We're currently reviewing community feedback in more detail to determine the scope of the street improvements. A summary of what we heard along with next steps will be shared in the coming weeks.

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Community Liaison

Aadil Patel

Key recommendations

Nanaimo is an arterial street, truck and bus route, and provides an important connection to local neighbourhoods. Many of the proposed improvements were informed through the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan and previous community feedback as part of making Nanaimo a more complete street.

These recommended improvements include:

  1. Removing a travel lane, where excess vehicle capacity exists, between 2nd Ave and Pandora St
    • This would reduce crossing distances for people walking, discourage speeding, and create a more comfortable experience on the street.
  2. Upgrading pedestrian crossings at 10 key intersections 
  3. Installing a painted bike lane and making improvements for people cycling at key intersections to reduce conflicts with vehicles 
  4. Adding new left-turn lanes down the centre of the street with new centre medians where possible 
  5. Upgrading traffic signals at five key intersections 
  6. Repaving the street surface
  7. Repairing sidewalks where needed

What's a complete street?

A street designed for everyone! This means a thoughtful design that:

  • Ensures people of all ages and abilities can access homes and businesses
  • Improves comfort and safety, especially for those walking, cycling, or taking transit
  • Supports the movement of goods, services, and emergency vehicles
  • Aims to enhance public life and make streets inviting spaces
  • Considers green space, such as street trees and community gardens
  • Explores opportunities for flexible design so streets can be adapted for special events, celebrations, and emerging technologies
  • Explores opportunities to integrate sustainable design, such as rainwater management
  • Fits with the neighbourhood context – no one-size-fits-all approach

Project details


Nanaimo St, from McGill St to 4th Ave


February 2019 to spring 2020

Work hours

Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm, extended hours as needed

Weekends: as needed

How this project may affect you


  • Late October 2018

    Community notification

    Community notified about upcoming construction with opportunity to provide feedback on potential street improvements

  • November 13, 2018

    Open House

    Opportunity for public to provide feedback on potential street design

  • Fall/winter 2018

    Street design refined based on public feedback

  • February 2019

    Construction begins for sewer separation

  • We are here
  • Spring 2020

    Expected completion

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